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Whose Record Are We Making Here, Anyway?

When you hire a pro, that person deeply considers details that you don’t even know exist.  

How can you possibly know?  There’s plenty enough to do as a musician already. 

Also, here’s a secret…. 


It just has to be good.  

Whether you go up or down on the melody that one time in the bridge, whether the drum fill goes “ba dop BAH da” or “ba dop BAHda bahda” doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to me.  

You’re the musician; that’s YOUR moment.  

Sure, I’ll have an opinion based on what my taste is, but whose record are we making here, mine or yours? 

Details like that aren’t going to make or break your music in the marketplace.  

But they DO help add to your brand, so don’t just skate past them and phone ‘em in.  

And as such, you don’t (and SHOULDN’T) care about the vocals being presented as a double for the back half of verse two because it gives the listener something new to move them forward through the song.  Because those details are MY job.  

You need to be worrying about how to better engage your audience to give them what they want.

You concentrate on your details, I’ll concentrate on mine, and together YOUR MUSIC WILL DESTROY. 💪🏼

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