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Love the Confrontation

So, I post a lot of informational posts.  Sometimes I make motivational posts.

But they’re really only helpful if you actually do something with the information.

All the reading and studying in the world won’t really help you unless you get out there and do it.

It’s not the act itself of “actually doing it” that benefits you.  Sure, you get the thing done.  Check the box.

But the REASON that "actually doing it” works is that it gets you one step closer to SELF-ACTUALIZATION.  As in, the highest level of being.  

You understand in the deepest part of you WHY you like what you like, or WHY the thing worked (or didn’t).

You chain enough of those together and you will flat out become a better person.  You will grow and overcome obstacles and LEARN THAT YOU CANNOT BE STOPPED.


I have seen this change take place in myself over the past couple of years.  Through study, application, mentorship, and execution... I’m believing in myself in ways that were completely impossible just a few years ago.

So if you’re feeling trapped inside your own prison, believe me… it is completely possible to break out.

Fuck your inner cynic.  Fuck your negativity.  Get better.  Improve your life.

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