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Connibal Road

My rock band, in which I play guitar, write, and produce.  We've put out 5 EP's and 2 full-length albums since 2009.  We've covered a good bit of ground, from "if Tool wrote pop songs" of our first album, to more "Porcupine Tree meets Chevelle and Breaking Benjamin" of our next two albums, to more "anything but what we've already done" electronic influences on the Ghost Light series.


A little solo project of mine where I put out whatever doesn't fit under my other brands.  "Anthetic" is proggy acoustic guitar over synths & electronic BEETZ.  "Earthy" is more organic TOANZ like electric guitar & bass, acoustic drumkit, and organ/keys.


My pop songwriting duo in which I mostly produce but do a little co-writing.  Totally new territory for me, which is both artistically exciting and terrifying.

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