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Success is built on the shit you DON’T want to do.

Success is built on the shit you DON’T want to do.

Just because you’re GOOD at something….. doesn’t mean the world owes you anything.

Take pro athletes for example.  

Sure, they’re GOOD at what they do.  Sure, they ENJOY it.  

That’s not what gets them to the pro’s.  

That’s not what makes them champions.

It’s all the extra crap: the weight-lifting, the treadmill, the dieting, the missing their families, etc.  That’s how they become the best in the world.

Now put this in terms of your band.

You love playing music.  No shit.  Who doesn’t?  That doesn’t make you successful on its own.

You hate networking.  You hate advertising.  You hate learning how to leverage the internet.  You hate learning new tools.  You hate “trying to look cool.”  (Your mindset sucks, by the way)

Start doing those things you hate, and your success trajectory will change drastically.

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