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Mediocrity As a Crown

Making comments (even jokingly) about how bad you are is a coward’s way of life.

It’s kind of like saying “well, I’m not really trying.”

…which takes no courage.  No balls.  

“Hey everyone!  Look at me not try.”  Nobody wants to do that.

People want to see you at your breaking point—and moving past it.  Why do you think sports are so popular?  People want to see the best in the world breaking past their own limitations.  It’s the ultimate metaphor for the human spirit.

I think it really boils down to a fear of rejection—fear of putting yourself out there.  Maybe even a fear of finding your limitations.  It’s fucking scary to find that spot and think “Is this it?  Am I spent?"

But it takes courage to say “this is the best I can do; check it out!”

That’s what every great story ever is all about.  The hero hitting a wall and breaking past it.  

Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Frodo, Neo in The Matrix.

Putting yourself down is not humble either.  Humility isn’t thinking LESS of YOURSELF—it’s thinking MORE of OTHERS.

And on a deeper level, when you say that you’re not really trying, it makes your mind let up and LET YOU not really try.  

Which means you don’t fully realize your potential.  

Which is the road to your very own personal Hell.

On the flip side, if you really try, and let it be known (you don't have to literally announce it 😂), it changes you. You show up differently. You think differently. You break down one tiny (self-imposed, mind you) limitation at a time. Stack enough of those in a row, and you drastically change your life.

Which is the road to the highest level of being.

So, be proud of what you do and how far you’ve come.  You’re only going to get better.

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