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How the Lion King Can Help Your Music

I never really got into that movie as a kid.

BUT, there is genius in it.

Think about how they portray the  “dark” and the “light."

The “light” represents comfort.  A safe space.  Contentment.  The known.

The “dark” represents the unknown.  Danger.  Fear.

They tell Simba to stay out of the darkness as a cub, to stay safe.  Stay in the known and nothing will hurt you.

But, after refusing responsibility, he ends up fucking about for far too long in the light with Timon and Pumbaa.  And as a result, he’s pretty worthless when it comes to taking over the throne.  He has no spine, and no value to the community.

He meets Nala and she whips his ass a little bit.

(by the way, there is a straight up SEX SCENE in the animated version, IDGAF what you say 😅 🍆)   

After he spends a good amount of time in the darkness, confronting himself (and the hyenas etc), he returns to the kingdom “a man” and is worthy of the throne.

So how does this affect you and your music?

If you only live in the light and stay in your comfort zone, you’re going to make some boring-ass music.

More importantly, you’ll probably be unfulfilled in the long run.

Push yourself to your very limits (and into "the darkness").  Take risks.  Try the unknown.

Don’t LIVE in the darkness or you’ll get mauled to death.

Live in the light and push into the unknown.  Visit “the darkness” regularly.  Return as a better artist.  That is where real growth happens.

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