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Don't Be Afraid to Show A Little Personality

When I work with artists & bands, what we create usually lies within a “common ground” of influences that we each have.  

I want to learn what they like (and learn about some new music), and I want to show them some new music as well.  

I have my tastes that aren’t relevant to the project, and they have theirs that we might not use either.  

We meet in the middle like a Venn diagram and that’s where the magic happens and we create something NEW.

Which brings me to another point..

Don’t be afraid to spice it up with someone who “doesn’t always do your genre.”

If you’re a metal-core band, and you go to a metal-core producer…

Guess what your record is going to sound like?

Every fuckin’ metal-core record that producer does..

462,947th version of Killswitch Engage… whooptee doo…


Get someone who’s fluent in pop/electronic or something else (but can also deliver the heavy aesthetic)…

NOW you might do something new.

Boring sucks… 

Don’t be afraid to be different.

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