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Some of my favorite clients are the ones who can face the hard truths.  They don’t wince and flinch and cower when I tell them how they’re fucking up.  

And not only can they tolerate hearing it, they CRAVE IT.  

And MOST importantly, they DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  

Clients who previously wanted to release full-lengths are now putting out singles with videos and running ads and building an audience.  

Clients who had a dated sound are letting me bring them up to speed with the times (without sacrificing who they are).  

Clients who produce and themselves “a really good sounding demo” are now releasing pro-sounding music.  Indistinguishable from your favorite albums.

People say “ok boomer” all the time, but it IS possible to be a 24 year old boomer, set in your ways.  

“Failure won’t kill you, but the failure to change WILL.”  🧨💥

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