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You need your music to crush.  And it will.  I can also mix tracks that you already have!  Even your grandma will say, "that's sick, bro."

You've surely heard the phrase "less is more."  Well, sometimes.... MORE IS MORE.  If you want sounds in your music like strings, synths, keyboard, or electronic drums, we can add them to make your music HUGE.

Need a badass remix of one of your songs or some show walk-on music?  Need help with songwriting?  I have been writing music for 20 years and can help bring your songs to the next level!



You need your record to compete with the big boys.  I make punchy, energetic rock records, with big drums, loud guitars, and thick vocals.  Get some.

I also love guiding artists through the writing process and helping them find their sound.  Let's experiment and see what happens!


Audio Samples

Recording, mixing, and production

composition and remixing




Tell me about your music and your project and I will respond as soon as possible!

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