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What's Your Reason?

Why do you want to make a career out of music?

“Because I love music” isn’t that good of an answer.  EVERYONE does that.

I talked to an artist recently who said he wants his son to see him “going for it.”  THAT’S a good reason.  

When shit gets hard (as it inevitably will), he can refer to that reason to get him through it.  That deep of a reason will keep you in the game.

If you’re having trouble getting to your reason, just keep asking yourself “why?” to every answer you have until you get to the core.

For example…

Why do you want to work in music?

"Because I love music.  Im passionate about it."  (Welcome to the club btw)

But why ELSE?

“It's what I want to do."

Why is it what you want to do?

“Because deep down I want to avoid responsibility."

Now we’re getting somewhere...

"Because I don’t want to get a real job."

Why not?

"I don’t want my kids to see me suffer."


Now, flip that into positive language so we can change our reality.

“To show my kids that it’s possible to live life on our own terms.”

Boom. 💥

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