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I guide artists from the ground up into making their best albums yet


Whether you're an established artist or brand new, a major goal of yours is to build a new universe that people can go into, with your music as the centerpiece.


In order to create your universe, we need to find out who you are as an artist with that in mind.  We will deep dive into what you want to say as an artist, what other artists and sounds you like (and don't like!), and what you value (lyrics, vibe, musicality, chops, etc). This will feed everything else that we do.


For your musical release, we want to choose the best 6 songs that will make your statement for the next 12 months.  I have been writing and producing songs for 20 years and can navigate the creative process, as well as write.  If you have demos, I’ll help you choose the best songs.  If you just have rough ideas, I'll help you sift through them and find the gold nuggets & turn them into gold rekkids 🏆 (😂 sorry, couldn’t help myself there 🧀).  We will craft an album that defines you as an artist at this point in time.


We will craft a release strategy for your album.  What I’d like to see happen is a single released every 4 weeks (each complete with unique artwork, lyric videos, music videos, PR push/email blast, Playlist Push campaign, targeted ads, etc), and then the album release after that.  We will take some time to decide the best order to release each song.  Your first single will "set the tone" for your year, and the rest of the singles will complete the picture.


​I like to build long term relationships with my clients. I want you to become a better person through your music.  Part of what happens in that process is me helping you confront yourself on whatever self-limiting beliefs you may have.  These could be holding you back creatively or personally.  You will most likely be unaware of these.  Crushing these self-impositions will help get you not only artistic and business clarity, but personal clarity as well.

Work Remotely

No longer do we have to be in the same room to work together and create killer music.  We can rent you a studio where you're located, or you can record tracks at home while we Facetime and I produce and guide your takes so we can build your music the way it should be built.  I can stream your mix to you in real time as we produce together, or for mix notes.  WE ARE IN THE FUTURE. 🕺🏻


If you record & produce DIY, I can guide you around the inevitable pitfalls. From hour long consultation calls and mix critiques to weeks-long programs including one-on-one mixing lessons, leverage my 20 years of experience and get personalized advice to elevate your production game faster than guessing what you need and watching YouTube tutorials.

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